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We provide freelancers with the tools to attract and manage clients. Showcasing includes timelines, kanban boards, document storage and a portfolio page to help unique individuals who can call themselves selfstarters.

All-in-one Client Management for Freelancers

No need to use multiple softwares to manage your freelancing business. Showcasing is build by freelancers for freelancers. We want you to be able to manage your operations in one place and to show the work you do to your clients and automate the communication part so you can focus on tasks.

Task Manager

Show task progress externally with intuitive timeliens and manage tasks internally with kanban boards.

Document Sharing

Integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive to upload all your client assets and manage them in one place.

CEO @ Dreamheim

Raheim Robinson

As a high-demand freelance animator, I have to keep up with a lot of clients, tasks, and timelines. Then, I started using showcasing.io and it changed the game! Being able to invite my clients into projects and handle timelines, tasks, and invoices all in one place allowed me to work more efficiently and be less stressed. I would highly recommend using showcasing.io if you’re a freelancer.

Invoice Manager

Create a PayPal.me link and send automated invoices to your clients in a few clicks.

Email Automations

With our automations you can give status updates so that they stay in the loop on the project.

Product Features

  • 15 Client Portals

  • Invoice Manager

  • Intuitive Timelines

  • Email Automations

  • Document Storage

  • Kanban Task Boards

  • Freelance Portfolio Page

  • Additional Client(s) = $30 each

Lifetime Plan


Portfolio Page

Showcase your portfolio with a link that you can put on all your channels to onboard new clients to your portal.

CEO @ Hard Soft

Ivan Grys

I was amazed by the way Showcasing can help you manage multiple projects in an easy to use workflow. The platform allows you to focus on the tasks at hand and eliminates the back and forth communication with your clients almost completely.

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